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Dynamic balance and ankle injury odds

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Dynamic balance and ankle injury odds
Aim: To investigate whether dynamic balance measured with the anterior component of the star excursion balance test is a risk factor for ankle injuries in physical education teacher education (PETE) students
First year PETE student’s curriculum consists of approximately 10.5 hours in six different sports.
Male=137 (Top 5 sports participation = soccer, fitness, running, martial arts, cycling)
Female=59 (Top 5 sports participation = fitness, running, hockey, soccer, gymnastics)
Star Excursion Balance test
Only the Anterior portion was used as there have been other studies showing a stronger correlation between the anterior portion to ankle injuries
Injury surveillance
Injury was defined as any physical complaint that resulted in a subject being unable to fully take part in sporting activities for at least 1 day. Ankle injuries were identified using the localization (ankle)
1️⃣Below average normalised SEBT-ANT scores were associated with a sevenfold odds for subsequent ankle injuries in men. There was a relationship between lower SEBT-ANT scores indicating increased ankle injury odds
2️⃣The relationship between SEBT-ANT score and subsequent ankle injury was NOT significant in the female group
1️⃣The first question you may be wondering is why there was no significant difference in the female group. There can be many contributing factors. The biggest concern is breaking down the top 5 sport participation between the two groups. The males participated in soccer, fitness, running, martial arts and cycling respectively in that order of % in participation. The females participated in fitness, running, hockey, soccer, gymnastics respectively in that order of % in participation. The second factor may be due to the number of males vs females in the study (137 males vs 59 females) giving an unbalanced sample size.
2️⃣Self-evaluation of registration of injuries
3️⃣Overall 19% did not respond
(Consider reading the paper for more limitations)
📚Dynamic balance and ankle injury odds: a prospective study in 196 Dutch physical education teacher education students- Bliekendaal et al.(2019)
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