How our total joint replacement program works

Your recovery from joint replacement surgery should start before the operation even takes place. Having a joint replacement is an important decision and can dramatically decrease joint pain and improve your quality of life. However, there are a lot of uncertainties when going into surgery – largely about what happens immediately after your surgery takes place. Pre-operative physical therapy allows you to meet your rehabilitation team and learn the essentials to ensure a great recovery after your surgery. Research has shown that attending as little as one pre-operative physical therapy session can help reduce the amount of post-surgical care and lead to faster and more efficient recoveries.

Here are a few benefits of our Total Joint Replacement program:

  • Meet your physical therapy team and tour the facility
  • Learn important home exercises to get a head-start on your recovery
  • Learn and practice using a walker and cane, if necessary (it’s easier to learn before than it is after surgery)
  • Assess and identify any balance impairments Improve balance to enhance safety and avoid hospital readmission
  • Ready yourself to go home from the hospital rather than to a separate facility
  • Get your questions answered about post-operative rehabilitation
  • Plan your post-operative goals with your physical therapist Faster, more efficient rehabilitation

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